Thursday, July 14, 2022

After Harvest Summer Pruning

   Harvest is over.  It is time to invigorate our bushes.  If we want large, tasty berries we have got to prune.  Below is the example of what needs to come out of the bushes to make way for new canes.

    This branch above is too thick, too old, the berry sites are too far from the base of the bush to produce the type of berries we want to pick.

   Above is a good example of a bush in need of liberation.  We can see the old bush towering above the new growth.  We see a lot of wood in there that takes energy, life force from the production of berries.  Under all that is a new bush ready to come to life with big, tasty blueberries next year.

   Above are new bushes from the old.  We should get a higher quality berry from these bushes. Over the next few years, with regular pruning, these bushes should produce larger blueberries in greater abundance each season.

   These are the tools of the trade: electric shears, mini-chainsaw & plenty of water.

   Above is the regular amount we are taking from the Blue Jay variety this summer.  This has been pruned from only 9 blueberry bushes.  LORD willing the following years will not need anywhere near this amount removed.