Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Caring for Our Raspberries

   Our raspberries are not going the way we would like.  We are working to provide berries in 2023.  Pray for our efforts—and your picking!  It’s funny.  We do not see failures.  They are gone.  We often only see the outcome of successes, and do not realize that one success often comes from persevering through many failures.

   Below is our broad-fork “Big Bertha”.  We use it to aerate all 86 of our planting rows.

   We use aeration to work the earth in hopes to change this Missouri clay into living soil by loosing the ground, and getting oxygen down there.

    This is our hand-powered sickle.  We use it to “chop & drop” the weeds.  The roots stay in the ground to support the life we are cultivating, and the weeds add mulch to compost into the living ground.  As the ground improves fewer weeds will grow!