Friday, July 8, 2022

Fungus Among Us

    Rows 42 & 43 have been stunted by a root fungus.  This is an example of why we encourage the proper life in the soil.

   We have already added the right fungus to the leaves & soil of the effected areas.  We have selected, and planted strawberries & succulents as our ground cover.  We are seeing improvements.

  About 42 bushes were most noticeably effected by the imbalance in the life of the ground.  We are conducting a test with two of the most severe cases; we did mid-summer pruning.  We chopped these two bushes to the ground.  Chopping them to the ground is called “renovating”.  We do it to blueberry bushes with bases that have become burdened with stumps, bushes that have old, low producing canes & very little new growth.

   So, we will see how renovation of these bushes compares to light summer pruning in seeking a resolution to this ailment.