Monday, July 18, 2022

Light Pruning

   We have nothing but old, stunted bushes in the North patch.  It’s time to renovate!

   Lots of old wood.  Almost no new growth, millions of small berries that no one wants.  We can either prune little bits at a time to increase new growth, and maybe by 2025 have a great harvest. Or cut this old stuff to the ground to have whole new bushes by 2023, and lovely, large berries by 2024.  A little chainsaw work, and weed whacking is the solution.

  There!  Now, if these are viable bushes we will see new growth right away.  If these bushes are at the end of their life we will know right away as well, and be able to plan for new planting to get this patch on track to provide a ton of tasty, fat, very desirable berries!