Saturday, July 9, 2022

Our Laser Robot

    We use a robot that shines a class 3B laser down on our farm.  It runs specific patterns over our crops to keep the birds from eating the fruits of our labor.

   Over the winter of 2023 we began investing time into building our own laser robot rather than buy another.  With more lasers we will have better bird protection, and be able to plant more trees without getting in the way of the laser beam.

  Trees are vital to the farm.  We need at least 15 trees to an acre.  Trees add life to the soil, hold top soil, retain water, send water into the ground, and provide a wind break.

  The wind break prevents damage to the plants, and prevents the loss of ripe fruit.  Wind breaks also keep carbon on the ground.  In the morning the ground gives a breath of carbon for less than an hour.  The plants need that carbon to breathe, and thrive.  If there is a morning breeze or wind the carbon blows away.  When trees block the wind the plants can take up the carbon.  But when trees block the laser birds eat the berries—so—more lasers & more trees!