Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Summer Pruning is Over!

    Just in-time—summer pruning is done.  Pruning stimulates new growth.  We need any new growth to harden before the first freeze.  Hopefully we made it in time.

   Above is an image in early spring to give an example of one row among the Blue Jay Blueberry variety which we summer-pruned.  Some were so overgrown we could hardly get the mower down the isle.  They were bushy, hard to harvest, hard to give proper maintenance.  They had become stick-filled hedgerows.

   Above is a picture taken in the Blue Jays around the same area as pictured earlier in the season.  We pruned strategically last winter for new growth this spring.  We then cut the old, woody, stick-filled stuff away from the new growth.

  Above is pictured the 2 rows of Toro Blueberry Bushes and the Draper Blueberry Bushes.  They were so overgrown we could not even walk down them!  Next year, the harvest may not be large, BUT the berries we do get from these bushes should be larger, higher quality berries that are much easier to pick, in rows much easier to work in.  LORD willing, if we keep it up with regular care, these bushes will consistently produce more, large, delicious berries for countless picking seasons to come.