Monday, July 18, 2022

We HATE Japanese Beetles!

   Our blackberries are being attacked.  Japanese Beetles are eating the beautiful leaves of our new blackberries.

   We are a no-spray farm.  A friend suggested insecticide.  But we do not think poison and our food make a good combination! We want living soil, and healthy plants.  These bug-bites are a sign that our blackberries are weak.  Bugs do not eat healthy plants.  We will have healthy plants, and soil one day, LORD willing.  Healthy plants do not get eaten by bugs AND give the best fruit.

  Above is one of the little buggers!  So, if we do not spray them—what do we do?!  We can not just let them eat our plants while we improve the soil, and make healthy plants.

  Dish soap!  Soap is a lipid.  Lipids break the barrier between oil & water.  So, we hold a bucket of soapy water under the beetle & simply knock them in.  They can not just climb out because of the soap.  They drown.  Every morning and evening we patrol each blackberry, and raspberry and knock the little buggers in.

  Some farmers use the nasty chemicals that make weaker plants, weaker soil, requiring them to put more on, and more on, and more on until all the farmer does is “the moron…” These deadly suds are as far as we can go into the chemical world on Lost Branch Farm.