Thursday, August 18, 2022

The Blueberries are Looking Great

    The summer pruning this year will cut back on production for 2023 in the Blue Jay, Toro, and Draper variety of blueberry.  But the health of these plants is outstanding, and looks promising for the 2024 harvest, and beyond (with proper, regular pruning and care).

  In other places our care, and last year’s heavy pruning has proved VERY fruitful.  In the south patch our Blue Ray, and Blue Crop variety have absolutely exploded.  They are looking vibrant, ready to bare much fruit in 2023.

Above is a Blue Crop Blueberry Bush in the East patch.  It is showing good growth from its winter pruning, and care.

   Above is a picture from the summer-pruned Blue Jay Blueberry Bushes.  It will not produce much in 2023.  But, LORD willing, the berries it will produce will be high-quality & large—for years to come!

   Above are the Blue Crop Blueberry Bushes in the South patch.  They have responded almost magically to our efforts!  Last year they were wispy sticks with few leaves.  This year they are monsters!  They have hundreds of new shoots, and mountains of leaves!

   Above are our Blue Ray Blueberry Bushes in the South Patch.  You might not believe it, but in January of 2022 we reduced each of these bushes to just a few standing sticks!  With that pruning & other care they have sprung to life!  Just look at these big, healthy monsters!