Sunday, August 7, 2022

Well, That Didn’t Work…

    We are learning a great deal about our blackberries.  We have learned from the nursery that we bought the plants from that there is a chance the new blackberry planting may not survive the winter in our area!  When we bought the plants they said, “No problem.”  Shoot... a miscommunication.

   We then contacted the professor that “made” the variety we planted.  He said the blackberries may still do well.  They are new, he said.  Not much is known about them in that regard.

   To that end we figured they will have a better chance of survival if they are planted in the ground—what are my chances of survival after moving, un-potting, and planting 350 ten-gallon pots?!  Let’s find out!  We will get back to you around the 1st of September, LORD willing, to tell you how it went.