Saturday, July 8, 2023


    We have been implementing measures to revitalize our plants.  We have seen great results.  At the beginning of the season we were quite surprised with how the harvest seemed to be shaping out.  We could see about 3 tons of potential fruit on our plants.

   We had a misunderstanding in how our bird-deterrent laser ought to be programmed.  The bird-deterrent laser was not running effective patterns.  With the dry spring came a greater bird pressure.

   We have set up the bird-deterrent laser properly, but it is too late.  The birds have a taste for the fruit.  The berries do not have a chance to ripen.  As they change color the berries are stripped from the plants.

  We are making plans to correct this issue beyond the bird-deterrent laser.  But there is nothing we can do this year to stop them.

   Our crop is greatly reduced.  We are very disheartened with this occurrence.  We are grateful to the LORD for so many rich blessings (even having the opportunity to face a hardship).  We are grateful to our customers for continued patronage, and understanding.