Wednesday, July 5, 2023

New Farmers

    We have experience running a business.  All businesses have to cope with occurrences that are outside of our direct control.  Farming is a business that seems to be made of occurrences which are outside of our direct control.

   We have been farmers for 2 years.  We are in the midst of our third harvest.  The only aspect of our farm which we have been able to count on—is our customers.  We are grateful to you for your consistent desire to patronize our berry farm.

   We are working on & investing in our farm.  Though it was started several years ago, our farm is regenerating.  We are managing the farm in a completely different way than it had been managed.  We have changed 50% of the crop, and are updating/replacing 100% of the infrastructure.  Though the remaining blueberry bushes were here when we bought the farm, in many ways we are starting over, building a new farm.  We have learned a lot.  Our lessons come at hefty costs.

  The head of our home has taken full-time work away from the farm.  The employment is a great blessing.  But the split time does add greater difficulty to building the farm.

  We are striving for high-quality, flavorful, large berries that are easy to harvest.  The potential is great.  The work is hard.  The learning curve is steep.  We pray the fruits of our labor will be realized for ourselves, and our customers during this harvest & harvests to come.