Saturday, December 9, 2023

Overhaul of the Farm

   Nearly the entirety of our blueberry bushes need to be cut down.  84% of every bush is comprised of canes that should have been removed years ago.  Either we take a hit in the 2024 harvest’s volume, and start cutting the old canes out now or we drag the process out for years, cutting out the old canes, little by little as we go, making room for new canes.  We want delicious, large berries.  That’s not what old canes give us.  So, 2024 harvest is going to be small.

   Below are 2 images of the old, flaky canes most of our bushes are made of.  As you can see: taking this out leaves us with almost no blueberry bush at all.  But that’s farming.

   Below are 2 images displaying the direction all our plants are headed.  LORD willing, in time, all our bushes will be vigorous, lively berry producers.